Mini Roulette Guide

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The ever-popular European roulette now has a miniature version, with a wheel made up of few numbers. Mini roulette, as this small version is known, is very easy to understand and can be played by anyone. It consists of only 13 numbers ranging from 0 to 12 in non-sequential order. This game is played in the same way as European roulette, using a numbered spinning wheel and a numbered board.

Using The Mini Roulette Wheel

Unlike traditional roulette, which has 36 numbers and a zero, the wheel of this type of roulette has only 12 numbers and a zero. Although there are fewer numbers than traditional roulette, the cash rewards on mini roulette can be large. Your winning roulette strategy should start with the basics: click on the chip value you want to bet on and then click on the field corresponding to the type of bet you want to place.

Any roulette guide will show you that the mini version is a new variation on the classic roulette game. Bets differ slightly from classic roulette. Payments are also different. Bets on red/black and even / odd offer a payout of 1: 1, as do bets on series of numbers. Number line bets offer a payout of 2: 1, while bets on a single number payout 11: 1. Corner bets and column bets pay 2: 1 and three number bets and two number bets pay 5: 1.

If you are new to the game, a good winning roulette strategy is to watch how other people place their bets. For example, do people bet on just one number? Do they bet on more than one interval? Also, be aware of the amount the table pays for different bets. This varies depending on the type of the roulette you are playing. Roulette is one of the few casino games in which the probability of winning is 50-50.

The mini roulette wheel is rotated counterclockwise and a ball is rotated clockwise around the wheel. Players place bets on which color or number the ball will land on. Since the wheel has fewer numbers than conventional roulette, the chances of making money on mini roulette are greater. The mini version includes a special Zero Refund feature, with which 50% of bets placed on other numbers are refunded to the player when the ball lands at 0.

Online Roulette Guide

Click on the desired value chip to start playing, then click on any betting area on the table. Each click on the area adds a chip of the selected value to the bet. Click “spin” to start spinning the wheel. You can gain confidence in the game by playing in “fun” or “offline” mode. When you are ready to play for real money, click on the button at the bottom of the game window, which will take you to the account creation page.

About Casino Bonuses And The Bonus Hunter Service

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While online casinos use cash bonuses as a way to get players to sign up to their gambling site, Bonus Hunter gets the players to the right casino. Online casinos featured on the Online Casino Bonuses Service are all fair and reputable, their wagering/play-through requirements are decent, bonus terms and conditions clearly stated, and bonus amounts simply the highest.

Choosing An Online Casino Bonus

For an online casino to appear on this list of free bonus money offers, it must be a regulated online casino, with fair bonus wagering requirements. Those reputable online casinos must also offer some sort of free play casino bonus, which is free bonus money that increases the player’s bankroll and extends his/her time playing the casino games.

The most popular of all online casino bonuses is the Welcome Bonus; it is set as the default bonus by which the Casino Bonus Service is sorted. Welcome bonuses are also known as Match Bonuses, for they usually match the player’s initial deposit 100%, usually for totals of $100-$400.

Other types of casino bonuses include Multiple Deposit Bonuses, which are in essence reload bonuses and incentives for future deposits, and Payment Bonuses, matching players’ deposits when using certain payment methods by 10-20%. High Roller Bonuses are listed separately.

The casinos come highly recommended. Their bonuses are real. But do be sure to read each casino’s terms and conditions, as well as its specific bonus wager/play-through requirements. These determine what casino games count towards the play-through requirements, which once met, and only then, grant you the right to withdraw the bonus amount.

You can also find bonuses by casino software providers, after clicking the plus button next to the bonus that caught your interest you can simply view the icon of the casino software which includes Microgaming casino bonus, Playtech casino bonus, RTG casino bonus, and other software providers.

Some online casinos offer more than one welcome bonus, for example, you might find more than one listing of casino bonus codes for the same casino. Not all online casinos offer the same deals as others, choose wisely and remember to play responsibly.

We recommend Ladbrokes casino bonuses, casino Tropez bonuses, William hill casino bonuses, Jackpot City casino bonuses, and 888 casino bonuses, most if not all of them offer to multiply first deposit and welcome bonuses, use the Bonus Hunter casino bonus comparison tool to find the one most suitable for your needs.